I Can Move Mountains, Says Kellisha Johnson

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I Can Move Mountains, Says Kellisha Johnson  

Citizen Security and Justice Programme has done a lot for me over these few months that I've been going to school. They have broadened my horizon to my future and career path. Before I heard about the programme that was been carried out by the organization of C.S.J.P.

I was at home doing nothing, not knowing what would have befall future or life, but now thanks to C.S.J.P I am in school learning a skill. A skill that can take me far into the working world. I've been trying to go back to school but due to lack of funds, but now i ‘m being paid to go to school. I am going back to school for free, thanks to C.S.J.P.

The free schooling was not enough for the organization  of C.S.J.P, so they brought forth some wonderful teachers to enlighten our minds. Teachers who taught me how to apply myself, who told me that I can be anything I put my mind to, not because I am from the project or the ghetto. I come from a good back ground  but there are things that Mr. Messam taught me in his personal development class that I did not know likewise Miss Williams (English), Mr. Downer and Mr. Harriot (electrical) and all their teaching taught me to be a better person.

I had no hope in my career choices because there was none, but C.S.J.P has given me hope to a brighter future. The organisation of Citizen Security and Justice Programme have showed that they care and just because they care I have developed into a character that can move mountains.