Men with a Message

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Men with a Message


CSJP's 'Men with a Message' (MWAM) is a group of reformed gang members and ex-convicts who have graduated as changed men from CSJP crime prevention services. They have been recruited under CSJP's Social Marketing sub component to promote the possibility of change, opportunities to change, and the benefits of change to at risk males.

As one initiative in a comprehensive and integrated social marketing programme, MWAM enables the CSJP to further its promotional work among men at-risk by engendering trust and promoting respect.

CSJP's 'Men with a Message' issue a powerful message that resonates with young people, because they reside within inner city communities and understand the temptations to pursue a life of crime.


General Objective

To become a force for change among unattached male youth in Jamaica and to normalize and popularize responsible manhood.

Key Objectives

1. To promote non-violence and peace as the status;
2. To motivate unattached, at risk young men to embrace goal-directed productive living and opportunities;
3. To give a national voice to marginalized, at risk young males and the issues that concern them;
4. To mobilize communities, with specific emphasis on reformed gang members and other change agents, to take active part in the efforts to promote peace and non violence;
5. To promote available services as viable alternatives to crime and violence for at risk young men.

Who are the "Men with a Message"?

'Men with a Message' hail from volatile and vulnerable communities served by the CSJP. They have turned their back on badness, and are dedicated to showing other young men they can do it too. They are on a mission to turn youths from a life of crime by sharing their own stories of change and motivating youth one on one.

MWAM don't just speak the message; they live the message.

'Men with a Message' will become a national movement, championing the message of change and illustrating examples of real manhood.

The Practical Side

MWAM have bravely agreed to share their life stories in a direct and pragmatic way, opening up about where they have been and how they got out. In their presentations they give tips, warnings and cautions, extracting principles and truths to share with young men.

'Men with a Message' conduct outreach by invitation to schools and clubs. They also appear from time to time on radio, and conduct inter-personal outreach on the corners, connecting with unattached young males who may be contemplating a life of crime or are already involved in a life of crime.

In their presentations, MWAM show men that change is possible; give tips on how they made the change, and point the way to where they can get help. As such they have been referring young, unattached men to CSJP's community action team for follow up.


Please note that Men with a Message are motivational speakers, with a mission to motivate young people to positive change and life affirming behaviour, by sharing their own experiences; they are neither trained counselors nor psychologists.

Schools making requests for MWAM to appear are required to have their Guidance Counseling staff present during MWAM appearances, in order to deal with any potential psycho social issues among students.


Men with a Message can be booked free of charge for your youth groups, assemblies or corner crews, by calling Carlton Powell, CSJP Staff Resource Officer on telephone number, 885-2068 or on the CSJP switchboard numbers indicated below.

Keeping in Touch

Men with a Message are now on Facebook. You can keep up with them via this social media site by 'liking' the page. From time to time CSJP also carries stories on MWAM on its CSJP News site at Subscribe online today to get your copy once per month directly to your email inboxes.