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ISSUE: #0017

July 31, 2011


CSJP is a multi-faceted crime and violence prevention initiative of the Ministry of National Security which focuses on building community safety and security. The programme provides crime and violence prevention services to 39 vulnerable and volatile communities, spanning eight parishes, and conducts institutional strengthening of the Ministry of National Security.           

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Hannah Town group raises back to school support

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[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: The parenting group in Hannah Town has a goal this summer – get funds to assist the kids of group members with back-to-school support.

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‘GOALS 4 LIFE’ scores in lives of unattached men in the west

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First place winners Russia receive their Goals 4 Life trophy from Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Ms Dianne McIntosh

[CSJP, July 25, 2011]: When the final whistle sounded on the inaugural Goals 4 Life competition in western Jamaica on July 24, rivals had become partners, and peace and unity were in the ascendancy in several volatile communities. Moreover, hundreds of unattached youth were registered for vocational skills training courses, removing them from idle living on street corners, and at least three players were drafted into the Jamaica Under-23 squad.

Miss P opens heart & home to Allman Town

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Maxene Richards, aka 'Ms P', surrounded by her children

[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: They call her ‘Miss P’, the ‘Mother Hen’ of Allman Town, because she has opened her heart and home to the children of the community by transforming her home into a school and community centre.

50 join Police Youth Club @ CSJP’s PeaceMobile

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Young men talk to CSJP staff at Steer Town PeaceMobile which introduced CSJP services to that community June 25th

[CSJP, June 25, 2011] When the Citizen Security and Justice Programme’s PeaceMobile rode into Steer Town, St Ann to introduce the CSJP’s social intervention services on June 25, among the youth clubs hoping for interest from attendees was the Steer Town Police Youth Club, which seeks to build relationships between youth and the police to prevent crime.

Canaan Heights makes turn for the better

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Over 90 Canaan Heights volunteers brainstorm promotions of CSJP services in teambuilding, and in preparation for their PeaceMobile which launched CSJP on May 15 in Canaan Heights.

[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: Problems with crime, teenage pregnancy, lack of skills and employment plagued Canaan Heights in Clarendon for years. But with the assistance of a number of agencies including the Social Development Commission (SDC), the Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee, and now the Citizen Security and Justice Programme, the community has been shaking off its tag as one of Clarendon’s most violent communities.

Homestead makes fresh start with CSJP

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Homestead residents enjoy the launch of CSJP services in their community at the CSJP's PeaceMobile on Sunday May 1

[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: Since the Ministry of National Security’s Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) was assigned to Homestead in St Catherine seven months ago, scores of residents have been accessing crime prevention services and making use of newly renovated facilities.

August Town arises again for Emancipation Day 2011

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Miss Una and Marva prep for their food booth at 'August Town Arise 3'

[CSJP, August 1, 2011]: It was a coming together of talent and culture as residents of August Town gathered at the African Gardens square on Emancipation Day for their three-year-old cultural celebration. The event, held under the theme, ‘August Town Arise 3’, drew community members who partook in the host of cultural information and cultural activities on display.

Nannyville launches ‘Nanny Bee’ spelling competition

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Clip art licensed from the clip art gallery on Discovery School.com - http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

[CSJP, July 27, 2011]: The feedback from teachers regarding the scholastic performance of the children in the community of Nannyville was worrying – some couldn’t read at all, others weren’t reading at their grade levels and some parents weren’t taking an interest in their children’s education.

CSJP gets to Turners ‘just in time’

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CSJP services were launched in Turners on July 3 with the CSJP's PeaceMobile

[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: Rita McKenzie is pastor of the Church of God of Prophecy in the rural community of Turners, Suttons, in the hills of Clarendon, and to hear her tell it, the Citizen Security and Justice Programme’s (CSJP) recent assignment to the community to launch crime prevention services is answer to many prayers.


CSJP spearheads King of Turf competition

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[CSJP, July 29, 2011]: Nannyville Uprising Youth Club’s Facebook posting of the event dubbed it “mad, sick, cross”- a positive endorsement of the recently held Fun Day and King of the Turf sports competition and fair held in the community.